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The Omnivorous Geek

Livin' and lovin' in the land of the squee and the home of the fave.

28 June 1983
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"Friending policy?" Really? That's what people call it? That's weird. Anyway, feel free to friend me. I friend back automatically, so this may mean that you will see stuff you didn't need to see, like my occasional ramblings about personal topics. I may even read your blog entries as they show up on my friends page, but I'm shy, even online, so if you want to actually get to know me you'll probably have to comment on my stuff first. If we have a few interests in common, though, there is every likelihood that this will not be difficult.

Also, if I friend you and you don't know me, it's probably because I think you're awesome and I want to be able to click on your name from my profile so I can go read your fic or adore your art or whatever more easily instead of flailing around trying to find a link that I lost. (I will probably comment eventually. It's only polite, and if I think you're awesome enough to friend, it means I like what you do enough to want to comment.) So yeah. Don't feel obligated to friend me back, though if you do that's pretty awesome, too, and I will draw little hearts around your name in the super-secret stalker journal I keep under my pillow.

Tl;dr: Friending is awesome! Please do! This journal is meant to be enjoyed, by me and by anyone else who cares to read it.


My list of Very Hot Men now has three entries:

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi
2. Daniel Jackson
3. Dean Winchester

This is momentous. This list does not change often. I have a much, much longer list of men that are merely Hot, or Cute, or Lickable. But only these three are Very Hot. It's not just the face (and the arms and shoulders and the legs and the hips and the eyes and the lips and the EARS), it's also the emotional issues. Yes, I am a strange, strange little woman. And yet, despite the extreme Hotness, I only really like Gen. So please don't take offense if I don't read your slash or het fic that celebrates the extreme Hotness. It's not you, it's me.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled user profile.

I dance to music in my head, and sing loudly at random intervals, or along with Mozart and Beethoven and Bach. I'm learning to cook Thai food, and like it on the spicy side. I'm an enormous nerd who squees and claps at the television when my favorite characters do something in character. I read strange little things on the internet, and I have a hidden kink that I will never, ever reveal.

And, of course, I write. Fantasy, science fiction. Fanfiction, too. I have a great number of loves, most of them very geeky. Star Wars, Stargate, D&D, various anime, anything that strikes my fancy, really. I'm fairly omnivorous in my love of geeky stuff and when I get a taste of something good, I tend to devour as much as I can get my mitts on just as fast as possible.

Oh, and I have pet mice and rats. They are the cutest and best pets in the world, and you will never convince me otherwise. The paws! The eyes! The way they sleep curled up in little furry balls! Their licky happiness to groom me back when I pet them! Best. Pets. Ever.

This all makes me very happy.

When I am not writing or reading or watching geeky television shows, I am working as a home care provider for elderly and disabled folks. Either that or hanging out with my siblings (seven of 'em, all younger than me). Or loving on my mice and ratties. Or playing piano. Or cooking. Or visiting my Padfoot.

Or just nothing, staring at the ceiling. That too.

This journal was going to be exclusively my writing place, but now it isn't. Here there be posts about regular life freely mingled with thoughts about geeky things I love, and the occasional fanfiction or other fluff. Any original fiction I post here (there is a little bit, honest), will be f-locked, because I still want to try to make money from it someday, and I can't do that here. But my friends are welcomed (nay, BEGGED, PLEADED, CAJOLED, OFFERED CARAMEL RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE CHUNK BROWNIES AS BRIBES) to read and comment. Concrit gratefully received, I swear. I'm serious about this writing thing.

My shiny new Obi-Wan mood theme is from http://community.livejournal.com/choses/5651.html.

If you would like to know more about me, here's a fairly detailed Intro post, where you may also ask questions.

I'm also starting to keep track of fannish links at my delicious account, including my fics, recs, meta, and art. I also have a twitter, where I like to post good lines of whatever fic I happen to working on at the time under the tag #ptiw (proof that I'm writing). I use the name "maychorian" pretty much everywhere on the internet, as far as that goes, so if you see it elsewhere, that's me. Except for at fanfiction.net, where I go by Laura of Maychoria, for reasons that now escape me.