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Person of Interest Blather

So I feel the need to blather about the last two episodes of Person of Interest. It will make no sense if you don't watch the show, oh and also, MASSSSSSIIIIIVVVVEEE SPOILER ALERT. But it bruised me and upset me and I need to rant about it to the white blank wall of the internet, so here it is.

Okay so it was pretty nice the way Person of Interest dealt with Carter's death. All the other character had a moment of badassery in "avenging" her. John went crazy psycho, Shaw cared even less about who she hurt looking for Simmons. Finch finally let Root out of the cage. Root got two guns. Fusco beat the hell out of Simmons. And finally, Elias killed him. It was a really good eulogy episode. I'm still angry that she's dead, and I still cried a little at the end, but it really was a good tribute to her and her amazingness.

I was actually the most touched by Fusco. I like all the characters on the show, or at least find the interesting, but I really do find Fusco compelling. I like the backstory we've gotten on him, of a good cop gone bad gone good again. And he's just so darn grateful for his redemption, he really, really is. He's made terrible mistakes in the past, and he's happy to be back doing something that he considers worthwhile. He's the most grateful character on television, I really think he might be. And maybe also the ugliest, but that just makes him more endearing to me for some weird reason. I was almost as upset when I thought Fusco was going to die as I was when Carter actually died. I really thought he was going to bite it, but then he came back so badass and awesome and got the guy who'd been torturing him...

and oh, man, that conversation on the phone, "You did good," sobbing with gratitude that Shaw chose to save his son instead of him. FUUUSSSCCCCOOOO. I love him. God, I love him.

I still don't know how to feel about the last-minute Reese and Carter romance. It came out of left field, and though it sort of made sense, when she died then, that just felt cheap. It felt like the writers pulling out all the stops to make that death scene memorable and heart-wrenching. Oh, I know what it was. It felt MANIPULATIVE. Just like when Ellen and Jo died on Supernatural. The thing was the manipulation worked on me entirely in the case of Jo and Ellen, though I was also furious at the writers and it pretty much killed my adoration for the show. The manipulation in Person of Interest didn't work on me quite so thoroughly, I guess, because I noticed the strings being pulled. When Reese and Carter got all up in each other's faces it was like, "Whoa, didn't see that coming," though I was also kind of happy because I thought they were awesome together and I was happy to see both of them finding something good to hold on to. But then, it retrospect, it all felt cheap and a little sordid.

Agh. Yeah. I hope this doesn't kill my love for Person of Interest the way Jo and Ellen killed my love for Supernatural. But I was never in love with POI as I was with SPN. SPN was my baby, my boo. Getting betrayed by it felt really, really awful, so much so that I never was able to trust the show again. I really, really, really like POI, and it might be my favorite drama currently on television, and I definitely felt bruised by Carter's death. But maybe I'll be able to keep watching it with close to the same level of enjoyment, whereas I could never see SPN in quite the same rose-colored light again.

I still can't believe they killed Carter, though. I loved her from the first episode of the first season. She just felt so real and amazing and delightful, not a token character shoved in for the sake of it, but like someone who absolutely needed to be there and belonged there. Gah. I can't believe it. The show just isn't going to be as good without her.

I did also like the various flashbacks in the latest ep, too. Harold seeking purpose in grief. Shaw being told she can't be a doctor. Reese killing without compunction. Fusco doing the same, and smiling about it afterward, not on orders from above but following his own moral code.

I really believed Fusco might kill Simmons. So when he didn't, but he stood there, bloody and beaten, and said that he wouldn't because of Carter, because she saved him and made him a better person... yeah. That scene deserved to be at the climax of the episode. It had the most emotional impact on me of anything that show has ever done.

Fusco. ILU. Let's go get falafel sometime and talk about baseball or something. I don't know. We probably don't share many interests. But I would hang out with you anyway, just because.
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