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I should have a whumped Sam icon...

Shiny flist! I has a request. It is a request of love, so don't be afraid. ♥ See? Love.

Anyway. My sister Talitha is thirteen. Since I moved home, she has devoured much and much of the stuff that I love and happened to have on DVD. So, for instance, she watched everything that I have of The Office, and Farscape, and a few movies and such. And then she mainlined all three seasons of Supernatural and what I had of the fourth in about, oh, two weeks. (Girl is hardcore.)

Talitha is very much a Samgirl, though she also loves Dean. ♥ (I have an awesome sister. See how awesome she is?) She is also (OH DAY OF HAPPINESS) just as much of an h/c junkie as me. (I AM A LUCKY LUCKY BIG SISTER SQUEEEEE.) And she thinks Castiel is adorable, too. (YAAAAY IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER.) And she agrees that Bobby is made of teh awesome and should probably be king of the world. (TALITHA IS SMRT.)

Now! Talitha has read pretty much all of the SPN fic I've written, I think, and enjoyed it, but she wants Sam whumping. Lots and lots of Sam whumping. And you know, I do whump him occasionally, but mostly I'm all about Dean. (IS THE ONLY SAD NOTE IN MY SISTERLY SPN SQUEENESS. :( ) So yes. is blocked on the family computer she mostly is allowed to use (except when I'm home and let her use mine) because my parents are scared of teh internet. And she doesn't really know where to look on LJ for what she wants to read.

I've pointed her in a few places. Said kroki_refur is good for the Sam whumping, and so is authoressnebula, and I showed her spnstoryfinders and the hurt!Sam tag. But this is so general.

I would like to give Talitha some specifics. But yeah, being a Deangirl, I don't pay as much attention to the Sam whumping, though it too can be tasty, I do not deny. So please! O flist my flist. Please to be reccing your favorite hurt!Sam stories here? ::gives you puppy eyes::

Remember, it's for my sister, and she is made of win. You need to love her just as much as I do, because she is lovable.

Oh, yeah, and these should be gen, and not too graphic. Thirteen.

Thank you! ::big fat hugs all around::
Tags: family, fic rec?, hurt/comfort, sam winchester, squee
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